Articles publiées dans les revues avec comité de lecture

Année Auteurs Titre Revue
 2009 A Ayayi  Microfinance: Debt or equity? What are the implications for profitability and social welfare  Global Economic and Finance Journal 2 (2), 64-80
Le Dinh, T., et G. Fillion.
Acquiring Domain Knowledge of Information Systems: The Information System Upon Information Systems Approach Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal (AIMSJ)
Fillion G., et T. Le Dinh,
An Extended Model of Adoption of Technology in Households: A Model Test on People Using A Mobile Phone ? Management Review: An International Journal Volume 3 Number 1, Summer 2008
A Ayayi
The 180-day lock-up period and insiders’ equity selling Journal of Economics and Finance 29 (1), 32-45
2004 A Ayayi Public Policy and Venture Capital: The Canadian Labor‐Sponsored Venture Capital Funds Journal of Small Business Management 42 (3), 335-345
A Ayayi
Les particularités du marché du capital de risque Gestion 26 (4), 23-332001

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